Not everyone is after a large wedding experience with the white dress, fancy venue and 80 + of your VIP's on board! For some couples it may be due to financial reasons, maybe weddings aren't your thing or you have other plans overseas. Some of my potential clients head over to Hitched In Paradise for an Elopement experience and find what they're looking for. Other couples who want to get hitched in the Byron Bay, Tweed & Gold Coast Wedding regions are seeking another path.

Some couples are no fuss and wish to have a Paperwork Only Registry Ceremony, where they literally complete the minimum tasks that are required to get Legally Married in Australia.


Traditionally this would take place in a lifeless Registry Office, which are located in major towns and cities. Sounds exciting, said no one ever...

Did you know that this can take place in any location over a coffee, lunch, a cider or even at my place. I can come to your hotel room, on a boat, side of the road or a beautiful vista from one of our many amazing headlands. I'm able to perform Legals Only Ceremonies anywhere between Byron Bay & the Gold Coast. The beautiful thing about this style of getting Hitched is it can be any day/ time of the week that suits our schedules. It may be that a certain location, venue or patch of dirt that has special significance to you both and we can fulfill your desire to have this shown on your marriage paperwork.

So, let's move forwards from here... We begin this journey by you filling in the Notice of Intended Marriage also known as the NOIM (learn more here), you have this witnessed by the correct witness, as outlined on Page 4 of the form and then send this to me via Snail Mail! I can receive a digital copy of this also, to fast track the process. 30 days after I have received a copy of witnessed NOIM, you are able to sign the rest of your legal paperwork. This is the first legal step in your paperwork trail and really not that stressful at all. You will need to show me your Passports OR your Birth Certificates & Drivers Licence + any other associated paperwork if you've been previously married. You can show these to me on the date of signing your legal paperwork.

This will then occur on the day of your Legals Only Ceremony - 30 days after the NOIM has been received:

  • 2 witnesses over the age of 18 will need to be present, often these are people in the vicinity of your location and or friends of yours.
  • I will have witnessed your Identification and associated documents, then we will sign the No Legal Impediment to your Marriage document. Stating that your marriage status and details are correct at the time of this ceremony.
  • I will state the following, " I am duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages according to the law. Before you're joined in my presence and the presence of your witnesses, I am to remind you of the relationship of which you are now about to enter. Marriage, according to the law in Australia, is between 2 people, to the exclusion of all other, voluntarily entered into for life.
  • Party 1 must state to Party 2, "I call upon the people here present to witness that I (Party 1's Full Name) take you (Party 2's full name) to be my wedded partner / husband / wife." + any other personal words that he may wish to share.
  • Party 2, must state to Party 1, "I call upon the people here present to witness that I (Party 2's full name) take you (Party 1's Full Name) to be my wedded partner / husband / wife." + any other personal words that he may wish to share.
  • We will then sign, along with our 2 witnesses the Certificate of Marriage + your Commemorative Marriage Certificate
  • We will then toast our coffees, ciders or glasses of sparkling mineral water to your "Just Married" status!!

As part of my commitment as a marriage celebrant for your Legals Only Registry Ceremony, my package includes:

  • Services of a fully qualified, awesome marriage celebrant.
  • Another meeting and or rehearsal closer to the proposed wedding day.
  • Registration of the marriage with Births, Deaths & Marriages; All of the legal obligations that are required.
  • Presentation Certificate.
  • I offer guidance and a calming effect, which many couples have regarded as a blessing for their journey.

The Total Cost of my services for this package is $600.00 Inc. GST

Together, we will complete your legal paperwork in a location that suits your style and vibe. The rest is all up to you!!



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