Congratulations on your engagement! Congratulations on being in the land of love and excitement! Now let's get down to the business of Legally 'Getting Hitched', so the world can recognise your awesome relationship and you can come together with your VIP"s to celebrate your Marriage!

So, you've checked out my Website, you love what I offer as a Wedding Celebrant and you've sent me an email of enquiry via my Contact Page. YESSSSS! I'm available and I will send you an email RE my Fee's and Inclusions. You agree that I could be that Guy and then we tee up a meeting in person Or a Video Chat, if meeting in person is not an option! I'm available most week nights to Cyber Chat with those couples who are living interstate or those whom are on the 9 to 5 train.

  • This initial meeting is a warm meeting and connecting of our different universes - I'll tell you MY story if you tell me YOURS!!
  • I take notes on the glorious and geeky moments of your Love Story and I explain how the ceremony can roll out.
  • We talk about your wedding venue, your jobs, your OCD habits and that amazing or possibly awkward first kiss that you may have shared!
  • I take enough notes and ask enough questions to get the ball rolling in the planning of your ceremony.
  • I also explain how we will work together to create an amazing and unique wedding ceremony, stress free!


If we meet in person we may fill in the Notice of Intended Marriage also known as the NOIM. I need to have receipt of this document at least 1 month prior to your date of Marriage! This is the first legal step in your paperwork trail and really not that stressful at all. Please Note - No NOIM 30 days before your date of Marriage means no Legal Wedding on your big day!! What is the NOIM?

You then walk away from this meeting having had an awesome time and want to book me in! I require a $500.00 non-refundable Booking Fee to lock in the date and time of your wedding ceremony, the rest of your fee can be paid 1 month prior to your wedding date. My full fee for your wedding experience is $1590.00 Inc. GST. If you want an intimate Elopement or Micro Wedding style ceremony check out Hitched In Paradise

We email and chat along the path towards your ceremony, you fill in my awesome Questionnaire and then I create a Custom Ceremony!! Generally the final workings of your ceremony will be complete at least 2 weeks prior to your ceremony - this will include all of the movement, the music, the words, the Vows and most importantly your Special Flavour flowing though the whole masterpiece. Sounds fun and easy, well it can be, you Invest in me to keep it a stress-free experience!!


You may wish to have a final meeting or a rehearsal closer to your wedding date, to run through your ceremony movement and make sure we're still on the same page for the flow of your ceremony. This may also be a Video Chat from the comfort of your lounge room leading up the big day.

  • I will be ready to rumble 30 minutes prior to your ceremony time, please don't be too late, it's no fun for anyone!
  • I will have my awesome Battery Powered PA on board, with it's wireless microphone and it's ability to play your ceremony music from any device that plays music!
  • I will have Copies of your Vows and all of the legal paperwork to sign in the ceremony.
  • We will need 2 witnesses over the age of 18 to witness the signing of these documents.
  • Once the Confetti is flying, the Champagne is flowing and the vibes are high - I will depart the scene with this paperwork, gather the other documents and Upload these to the Births Deaths and Marriages, BDM, in the State of which the marriage was conducted.
  • The Marriage is legally recognised and you can apply for your Official Marriage Certificate, if you wish to change your last name or need this document for Visa purposes. I can help you kick this goal and explain we can chat about Life After Marriage in Paradise!

All in all, I am there for you the whole way along our journey together! Whatever the question I'm here to provide the answer! I remind you of critical dates if you are looking at missing them! I gently prod and nudge when I need something from you and the whole experience is warm, fun and friendly!

And that is How to Get Hitched!!


 All pics from Fig Tree Pictures at Danny & Emily's amazing Forget Me Not wedding - Check out their Real Wedding