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Have you ever been to a wedding that dripped of “I’ve seen this before, I’ve heard those words, that song, seen that dress, same old ritual… oh what a bore.” Have you walked away from that experience feeling a bit lacklustre and uninspired from the display of love that Mr and Mrs Bland just displayed?



Your Wedding Vows are the moment in the ceremony where you can wear your heart on your sleeve and in whichever manner you so wish! Deep and meaningful, lighthearted, fun, traditional, awesome and most of all unique! For after all isn't it amazing that out of all the billions of people in the world, you connected to your soul mate and so should your words be so unique and special!

Young + Fun Wedding Celebrant. Byron Bay, Tweed Coast, Gold Coast & Brisbane Wedding Celebrant.

A Celebrant is definitely a multi-tasking creature indeed! They are there, guiding you along the path of pre-wedding amble, giving directions at the crossroads and ultimately directing the flow of your wedding day ceremony. They are indeed the party starters of your wedding experience and this is the key reason for choosing wisely - you do not want an epic fail at this part of your big day!

A good Celebrant was a Ninja in a past life with the ability to foresee issues before they rear their ugly heads. With swift and deft strokes all manner of trouble can be aborted before Aunt Mary even bats an eyelid. We will console the emotional Groomsmen, sail over the seas of awkward moments with banter and charm, defend the Bridal party from falling props and even move the clouds and rain out west just long enough to bathe in sunshine.

A great Celebrant will create a custom wedding ceremony that will suit your style and vibe, one that is authentic and awesome. We want the guests to fall into your love story, no matter how quirky or awkward that may be. We're there to celebrate and honour you both taking the next giant leap in your journey together.

Great celebrations always come with a soundtrack that sets the mood. Personally, I attribute the wedding ceremony to that of a song, so if you like Country then dang it, lets get our boots a stomping, Hillbilly style. Let your imagination run free!

The paperwork trail of getting married is not as complicated as it seems but the correct documents are key to making this a success. It’s a beautiful moment in your ceremony when you sit down to sign your marriage certificate, all the pressure is now lifted and a giddy sense of excitement and frivolity fill the air.

The right Celebrant for you will have the resources and abilities that will suit your style and personalities. Ask the hard hitting questions to discover if you connect to your Celebrant, before you commit to just ‘anyone’ marrying you on your special day. Always chose a Celebrant that is confident, has experience in public speaking and has the ability to trouble shoot when the dog runs the wrong way with the wedding rings tied to its collar. At least they are on a Beagle and not a run away Eagle! If you're still reading down here I think it's time to Contact me and we can chat more about your wedding plans.