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Going to the Chapel and we're going to get married!! Does an indoor ceremony in a Chapel tick the boxes of your wedding ceremony dreams? Such a great option which enables you to enjoy your ceremony no matter what the weather may be doing on your special day. This takes away a lot of stress and no need for a Plan B in the event of sideways rain + Chapels have an awesome atmosphere and create a unique space to profess your words of love to each other! Here's the selection on the Gold & Tweed Coast that I would recommend.

Summergrove Estate Chapel - One of the busiest and best wedding venues on the East Coast of Australia, has a purpose built chapel that really sets the standard for all the others to follow. I'm a huge fan of this building, that brings the Traditonal elements of a Chapel wedding and then adds air-conditioning, an awesome sound system and a view of the Tweed & Gold Coast hinterland to take your breathe away!! The Summergrove Estate wedding experience is really next level and it's no wonder as to why they're now operating 7 days a week due to the demand. I haven't even mentioned the 73 acre property, an incredible Reception Barn, 360 degree views and those spectacular views that stop you in your tracks. Get in contact with their awesome Team to book your viewing and get planning. 

Summergrove Chapel Weddings

Braeside Chapel - A gorgeous property to host your Chapel Ceremony and then party in style onsite with a Marquee Reception. The Chapel boasts air-con, great views and a fantastic sound system!

Royal Pine Chapel - A great Chapel with a great vibe located on a great resort!!

Coolibah Downs Chapel - A unique stone Chapel surrounded by lush gardens and water features.

Summergrove Chapel Gold Coast Weddings

Summergrove Chapel Tweed Coast Weddings

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