That awkward job that nobody wants!

In life there are certain events and celebrations that require a Facilitator to control the flow and vibe of the proceedings. Being up Front and Centre of a crowd of strangers in an emotional event, such as a wedding ceremony is definitely not many peoples' cup of tea. It's like making out with the Queen, 'It's a huge honour but nobody wants to do it'

I, on the other hand, absolutely relish and love this position of the facilitator; the awkward job that nobody wants! When the nervous tension is at a high, I operate at my best. I read the crowd and deliver a performance to suit the vibe and the flow of the groovy couple getting married. Each couple is so unique and individual, so in turn should be the delivery of their celebration of love!

I was born for this role and the praise that I receive for my services as a Marriage Celebrant, solidifies this path in my life! It's my honour to steer your marriage ceremony through it's possible nervous and awkward moments and to create an engaging, warm and memorable occasion. It's my pledge to dispel the myth that Marriage Celebrants are boring and lifeless beings!

In the street wize words of lyrical genius Scribe:
How many dudes you know roll like this, How many dudes you know flow like this,
Not many, if any, Not many, if any,
How many dudes you know who got the skills to go in and rock, a show like this.

Well, I will come rock your wedding show 'cause that's the way that I flow, I got the skills to come rock your wedding show!

Photo love from the awesome Alyce and Colette