Caught in the RainPlan B for your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies have become the most desirable location to get hitched, as the beauty of nature adds such a remarkable touch to your stylings. Nature is grounding, the birds sing and furry little animals scurry underfoot. The Gold Coast and Byron Bay ceremonies are mostly located near world class beaches from Burleigh Heads to Main Beach Byron. Take a 15 minute drive West and you're holding your loved ones hands in ceremony on the top of hillside retreats or under gigantic Fig trees. The area is definitely not spoit for choice! We dream of the sun shining and the ceremony taking place on dry and sure footed ground. So, what happens when Mr Sunshine decides to take his ball and go home on the day of your Wedding Ceremony, heaven forbid!


Do you have a Plan B up your sleeve, if your location becomes a mud fest and your beautiful and expensive wedding gown is going to get trashed prior to the I DO? Is your Reception Venue able to cater for your wedding party rocking in early and setting up a Ceremony Space on a rainy day? Do you have the ability to hire a Marquee in the adverse event of the rain wishing to bless and cleanse your ceremony? What about umbrellas, row boats and gumboots?

There are many stressful factors that lead in to the date and time of your wedding ceremony, why not alleviate one of the possible stress factors by designating a Plan B for your Ceremony Location in the event of adverse weather!