fp 3Custom Cermonies

Have you ever been to a wedding that dripped of “I’ve seen this before, I’ve heard those words, that song, seen that dress, same old ritual… oh what a bore.” Have you walked away from that experience feeling a bit lacklustre and uninspired from the display of love that Mr and Mrs Bland just displayed?



You may find yourself at a loss to try and conjure up that amazing Wedding ceremony which speaks WOW! (Much like that stunning wedding attire that you’re searching for!). We may search high and low to find the right fit or design, which ultimately may not hang on a rack in a shop. Maybe the only way to receive this unique garment is to have one tailored and custom made. An old but now very popular word for this is Bespoke!

The energy and vibe of your whole ceremony should resonate with you as two individuals coming together to create one unique force of love. It should represent your footsteps on the path thus far, a soundtrack of you’re Here and Now and also of a dreamy vision of your future together. I can help you to find these important facts of your lives and relationship that we can incorporate into your Ceremony. Let’s throw in all of the ingredients of your unique selves into a mixer and bake a casserole of love and gratitude.

I am not here to provide you with Ceremony A is for Annoying, B is for Boring and C is for Cliché! Why not step out of the traditional format if you feel that this path is not for you and tread new ground! Let’s have a good time and encourage your guests to actually ENJOY themselves at your ceremony. Let them fall victim to the enchanting rhapsody of your song of love and dedication!