Your Wedding Vows are the moment in the ceremony where you can wear your heart on your sleeve and in whichever manner you so wish! Deep and meaningful, lighthearted, fun, traditional, awesome and most of all unique! For after all isn't it amazing that out of all the billions of people in the world, you connected to your soul mate and so should your words be so unique and special!

Tell your loved one how you REALLY feel about them, in your own words. No matter how poetic, plain Jane or cryptic they may seem; your Vows should be spoken in your OWN LANGUAGE, that you speak to each other. This is what your guests want to hear, an authentic insight into why you dig this person so much!! Truly one of a kind! Tears will flow as your guests listen to and feel moved by your honest devotion to your soul mate. They will also chuckle with warm laughter and feel a deep sense of connection to your own Love Connection.

Do not Google your Vows they will be average!!

Speak of love, dedication, promise and the OCD habits that you put up with to love your soul mate! For after all you're committing to the whole of the person and not just the shiny bits! The good, the bad and the ugly!

Just include in your Vows “I call upon the people here present to witness that I, John Robert Doe, take you, Julia Anne Roberts, to be my  wedded wife.” This is the legal requirement of your commitment in your Marriage Ceremony. This can be stated at any stage of your Vows.

To keep the level of surprise active in your ceremony, keep your Vows a secret from your partner until you profess them in your marriage ceremony. I can help with the wording and arrangement of your Vows if you get writers block and I can help to keep the Vows at a similar length and flow.

Please note that you will be reading your Vows from a card that I create and hand to you in the ceremony, so no need to memorise them. I do not do the 'repeat after me' - I find that it's really disconnecting and it's your intimate space to set on fire!! I encourage you to connect in your own time and pace, one on one. I will be off to the side offering support if you become overwhelmed!

So be brave and be surprised where your pen and open heart may take you!


Awesome pictures taken by the incredible & the uber cool Dues Photography

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