Wow, it's been ages since I've Blogged and I've been meaning to share some Vows Gold from some recent weddings I've facilitated and some Tips!! Don't be freaked out by writing your Vows because I hear this a lot, "Where the hell do I start Ben!?! I'm freaking out!" That might be because you've heard terrible Vows at other weddings and this is probably because their celebrant gave them an outdated resource for their inspiration. I supply all of my couples with a gem of a documents and here's a few Tips below:

  • I'm here to tell you to keep it REAL. We don't want to hear anyone but You laying it down to your life partner. 
  • Speak Authentically in your Own Language, is there really any other option!?
  • Keep it Sweet, don't drag them out to 2 pages worth, find that right equilibrium that isn't too short but not long.
  • Do not Google your Vows, they will be average and something we've heard
  • I do not do the Repeat After Me scenario, I think it's quite shite. I print your Vows out onto a card to read from in the ceremony.
  • There's no Right or Wrong here. Write a love letter, list some promises, create a poem or just tell us How It Is!!!! 
  • If you're going to keep it a Surprise from each other, send them through and I can measure them up for Vibe & Content.

Here's a few great examples of my recent Couples Love Words from Byron Bay & Tweed Coast Weddings!!

Natarsha & Steve - Fig Tree Restaurant - Wedding Vows

Natarsha to Steve:

Steve you're my best friend, my love and my life partner. As we stand here today my heart is overflowing with love for you.

When someone is willingly able to withstand my neurotic ways, such as my obsession with indoor plants, the way I talk to my bunnies and my weird pet peeves, you know that person's a keeper. You know me better than anyone in this world and somehow you manage to love me.

You are without doubt the best blessing that life has ever given me and I am so grateful to wake up next to you everyday!

You are the sweetest, most kind hearted, golf obsessed human I have ever met. And while I can't promise that I will succeed to pick you up from golf every Friday, I promise you this-

I promise to give you the best of myself, love you endlessly and give you perfect trust. You're consistently the best part of my day, and I promise to value our relationship above all else.

I vow to you my loyalty, my everlasting devotion and my unconditional love for a life time.

I promise to respect you as your own person, encourage your passions and help you live your best life.

You are the love of my life Steve and I promise to let you know that every day. I Vow to make you feel as in love as you today, every day.

Natarsha & Steve - Fig Tree Restaurant - Byron Bay Wedding Vows

Photo from Wilde Visual from their Fig Tree wedding. Check out their Real Wedding

Sarah to Dre:

Today I choose you Dre Boy! Your caring, loving & calm nature, cooking skills and motivated drive for adventure has me hooked, line and sinker

I take comfort in knowing we are taking on this world through the struggles and success we will face - Walking side by side as a team.

I promise to mow the lawns while you vacuum the floor, and bring in the firewood, while you cook our dinner.

I promise to dream big with you, build and grow with you, and always love you, cheer you on and encourage you.

I am so excited to be spending all my days going on adventures with your, today and forever.

Andre & Sarah - Broken Head Beach Wedding

Photo Figtree Pictures at their Barefoot At Broken Ceremony

Ashley's to Cara: Our dapper groom couldn't do romance but utilised his Salesman Skills to get his feelings out onto paper.

Cara as per every birthday card I write to you, you know this going to be poorly worded and not very romantic. So in short, your are awesome.

Instead of promises, today I am going to give you a list of goals I want to achieve in our life together, as you know how much I love a KPI.

Goal 1 - I will make you laugh everyday.

Goal 2 - I will get more accurate with my long range shots into the washing basket.

Goal 3 - I will be less needy and demand less attention, when you have had a hard day at work.

Goal 4 - I will eat quieter and even slower.

Goal 5 - I will travel with you and try new experiences, wherever you wish to go.

Goal 6 - I will buy you a new puppy.

Goal 7 - I will feed you when you are hangry.

Goal 8 - I will continuously try to be the best possible husband I can be and ensure I can make you as happy as you make me. 

You are my best friend and I cannot wait to be able to call you my wife, for the rest of our lives.

Ash & Cara - Summergrove Wedding Vows - Benjamin Carlyle

Photo Ivy Road Photography at the amazing Summergrove Estate

Jillian's Vows to Brad:

Brad, Falling in love with you was something I didn't expect. But being in live with you is something I couldn't have stpped, even if I tried.

I laugh harder with you, I get to be myself around you.

When I see something strange or something goes worng or right, you're the frst person I want to talk to about it.

Our journey isn't perfect, but it is ours!

And even on bad days I will still be happy with you, because having you as my husband makes the trip worthwhile.

I love the way you smile at me. I love you for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you're yet to be.

I want to be the only hand that you ever need to hold and when we are 80 years old, we can say we made it.

Just keep loving me and I will keep loving your and the rest will fall into place.

I am so ready for our future together.

Brad & Jillian Wedding Vows - Byron View Farm - Byron Elopement

An epic shot from Van Middleton of a Full Moon Elope Byron Bay ceremony at Byron View Farm