I have often said that the wedding ceremony is the start of your wedding celebrations and it's important to Kick Start the party at this moment. Why are Wedding Ceremonies often thought of as boring, awkward and painful experiences that we should all suffer through? One of the main reasons the ceremony is not a highlight is due to the Celebrant not having the skills to engage your guests in the celebration. To not have a connection with the Couple and to bring this out in a unique and personal delivery! The guests hear and see the same old Ceremony, watch an unprofessional facade and witness reguritated tradition upon tradition. Add a terrible PA into the mix and now the guests are all cringing! This can then lead to copious amounts of alcohol being consumed, post ceremoney, to numb the taste and experience from their memories.

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Why do your wedding guests proceed to get tragically wasted as soon as the alcohol is served - post ceremony!?

Is it A - That the alcholol is free and it's a race of consumption!?

Is it B - That humans are allergic to alcohol!?

Is is C - That your guests just are trying to numb the awkward and boring wedding ceremony that they forced to sit through!?

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So, how do we avoid this scenario of your guests inducing alcohol poisoning? Well, I engage them pre-ceremony! As a group we laugh, cheer and connect as one. I help to dispel the nervous energy that is present in a group, I encourage people to chat amongst themselves - create new friends. After all this is a Celebration of Adults and not a school dance where we sit akwardly in the corner. My aim is to create a warm space that your guests can relax in, that they can feel comfortable to connect with random strangers and ultimately enjoy your wedding ceremony. I am the Wedding Fluffer hear me Roar!!

Benefits of Fluffing

The Groom feels super comfortable, less nervous and is less likely to pass out due an overiding tsunami of nervousness!

Guests will be less likely to drown their "wedding ceremony sorrows"!

The bride will arrive to a warm and inviting vibe!

Guests will clap and cheer in a harmonious unison - creating a resounding YES to your union!

ALL of your guests will comment on how good your ceremony was and how great they feel.

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 Benjamin Carlyle Marriage Celebrant - Fun Byron Bay Weddings Blog