Wedding Celebrant Byron Bay & Gold Coast

Congratulations on your wedding plans and welcome to my website! My name is Benjamin Carlyle and I marry people!! I truly do love my job and would love to kick start your wedding day experience in your style and vibe. I am here to help you create your ceremony without the boredom factor. I dig creating awesome and authentic wedding ceremonies and am blessed to do this as my full time gig! I celebrate love in Byron Bay, on the Tweed Coast and the Gold Coast.

Why Ben
So why would you choose Ben to be your marriage celebrant!?


Congratulations on being in the land of love and excitement. How epic that you've found your soulmate out of the billions of others that exist on planet earth! Let's celebrate YOU as a couple in YOUR wedding ceremony, in a completely authentic celebration! There's no other path.

Wedding Ceremonies

The wedding ceremony should be an awesome asset to your whole wedding experience, not just a formality. We've all been to crap wedding ceremonies!! I want to convey your vibe and style in your ceremony, to kick start your party in style! I definitely don't do boring & we can roll any way that you so wish!

Tell Me More

Let's get down to the business of Legally "Getting Hitched", so the world can recognise your awesome relationship and you can change your status on Facebook! LOL!! My website explains the What, Why & When of our journey together. Let's grab a coffee or hang out on Skype and we can move forwards from here.

Why Ben

Ben is a full time wedding ninja and is super passionate about his work! He creates custom ceremonies, dresses well and has a serious bow tie addiction! Ben is the master of engaging with your crowd, killing the nerves and he owns an awesome PA. He will ultimately create a warm & fun wedding ceremony experience!
I am Ben hear me roar
Check out this video to hear me chat about my job and learn why I should be the guy to play a part in your wedding experience.



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Do you want your wedding ceremony to be an awesome and authentic experience!? My fresh, fun and original approach will have your guests talking about the ceremony for years!
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